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RMA & Other Services

RMA service

RMA service (Return Material Authorisation) includes activities where returned LCDs are sorted to groups with respect to specific technical criteria and business partner requirements (warranty validation, selection of specific defects, etc.) to produce an RMA report. Depending on the status panels are either rejected (CID), repaired or replaced by new panel from the buffer (urepairable panels).

RMA verification service – providing on-site verification of customer claims all over Europe.

Buffer services

Panels sent for repair are compensated from the panel stock/buffer. Compensated LCD panels are distributed to customers in the whole of Europe. LCD buffer is kept at the Elsin warehouse at quantities corresponding to the actual market or business partner demands. The stock is maintained through supplies from business partner or purchased by ELSIN and also supplemented by panels repaired by ELSIN.

Warehousing, LCD liquidation

Scraped panels are stored in ELSIN and sent in batches back to business partner or liquidated by ELSIN.
Spare parts for LCD repair are stored in ELSIN. The stock is maintained through supplies from business partner or purchased by ELSIN.

On-site Support

Expert services for business partners in various countries of Europe.
Example: For Asian LCD manufacturers ELSIN provides verification and testing of LCD units directly at the factories of their European customers – monitor or TV manufacturers.

Service Chain Management

ELSIN’s position in the middle of Europe is of great advantage in providing cheap and efficient goods transport to destinations all over the continent. ELSIN ensures collection of defective products from Service Centers in the whole Europe and return of the repaired products to customers. ELSIN ensures electronic identification of each panel throughout the repair procedure (using the so-called “travel cards” for products where all data on product history from the moment of defect reporting to delivery of repaired product to the customer are recorded). ELSIN communicates with service centers on behalf of business partner to ensure the effective supply chain.